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The pattern of racial obsession continues down a narrow and murky road with regard to Barack Obama, when Storr asks, in another parry, "Is this how scurrilously low the dialogue of race is going to be brought by an influential figure in the arts the same year in which an African-American candidate with a genuine shot at the White House has done everything in his power to raise that dialogue higher than it has been in several generations?
Last summer, Mosay and Washington were ousted from the council in elections held one day after tribal members received an unauthorized $1,000 per-capita payment drawn from casino profits--along with a letter scurrilously attacking Mosay, who lost by two votes.
It is shameful that management is seeking to take away even more from those who have already given the most--the employees and, most scurrilously, the retirees of UAL, current and future.
We hear plenty of moaning and groaning from the trainers across the water at the scurrilously low levels of prize-money in Britain, but it seems instead of coming over here to take on the locals for big prizes, they're content to take each other on in small races worth a fraction of this weekend's money on offer.
THE purported FIFA ethics committee report which is being scurrilously circulated is merely a summary of the considerations on which the FIFA ethics committee decided on provisional suspensions and its call for a full hearing involving the subjects.
Solihull merged geographically and physically with Birmingham years ago, the old rural fringes sucked into the sprawling suburbs, compared scurrilously with a "ring around the bath tub".
Instead of doing so, claimed Mr Dafis, Labour is 'determined to frustrate debate by clouding the issues and scurrilously attacking those who raise them'.
I played tentatively, not wanted to disturb the peace although, there are many who would scurrilously deny this.
They have behaved scurrilously since Dad's tragic death.
Merseyside''s main heating supplier is scurrilously raising bills by seven per cent in three weeks time.
But proper, bona fide, on-field cheating has been scurrilously going on for centuries and we've all got our favourite examples.
Soundtracked by classic 70s funk grooves from the likes of Parliament, its stories of who said what to who make scurrilously enjoyable listening with Chinaglia, arrogance and ego undimmed by time, a particular delight.