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The pattern of racial obsession continues down a narrow and murky road with regard to Barack Obama, when Storr asks, in another parry, "Is this how scurrilously low the dialogue of race is going to be brought by an influential figure in the arts the same year in which an African-American candidate with a genuine shot at the White House has done everything in his power to raise that dialogue higher than it has been in several generations?
The insurance industry, the real culprit in the malpractice insurance scam, is working feverishly to cover its own tracks, scurrilously blaming trial lawyers for driving doctors out of business and creating a health care "crisis.
No scurrilously rationalist definition of a human being as an "upright featherless biped" or suchlike was ever so reductive.
Franklin countered that Leeds must indeed be dead and his new almanac being printed by someone else, since Leeds "was too well bred to use any man so indecently and scurrilously, and moreover his esteem and affection for me was extraordinary.
Backing that up is a setting to "filter bogus music and video files" - clearly a side-swipe at record companies scurrilously flooding file-sharing networks with dodgy MP3s as a means of discrediting them.
a ceremonial doctor's cap but who is still more scurrilously talkative than a city wag).
embassy in Moscow who scurrilously wheedled crucial lapta information out of an unwary Russian cook during an evening of illicit and probably drug-induced lovemaking.
In a world where children are scurrilously targeted with food and drink products, it really is time to ensure the stuff inside the extensive and expensive packaging is up to the mark.
The first was when he lent the princess's letters to a writer who pieced them together to write a scurrilously bad book called A Princess In Love.
The implications in the Kappan article were nothing short of scandalous; the authors' research, cursory and limited by preconceptions; and the piece overall, scurrilously slanted and inexcusably damaging.
A scurrilously, gratuitously anti-Semitic piece, it appears in Norman Ault's first volume of The Prose Works of Alexander Pope, and, to the best of my knowledge, has evoked only silence from Pope scholars.
The jesting nature of Agorastocles' remark is apparent from 1219-20, where he scurrilously compares himself to Jupiter.