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The saying went if the mermaid started to look good then you'd had enough," said Matt Strom-berg, head brewer at Everett's Scuttlebutt Brewing
So there should be more than mere scuttlebutt to talk about before February arrives.
Erik Kyle, founder of Kyle Publications and publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine, said, The launch at the Miami show of our Marine Affiliate NetworkTM signaled the arrival of a first in this industry and now with the rollout of www.
We had heard that a big super bomb had been dropped on Japan, and the scuttlebutt was all over the place and about every scenario.
You'll also get lots of scuttlebutt about what's coming, what's going, what was built when and by whom -- enough to make you a real he-man know-it-all.
This year's race looks likely to reverse that trend and the 70th Rolex Sydney Hobart in 2014 could be a bonanza, judging by the scuttlebutt around the waterfont.
Scuttlebutt is the troopers just weren't comfortable with the power level of the 9mm, and were more than willing to swap four rounds of cartridge capacity to carry .
The scuttlebutt from the Ahmadi nejad camp is that the choice will be Esfandiar Rahim-Mashai, the president's former chief of staff.
The Supervalu story seems to change by the day; corporate will only say its "review of strategic alternatives is proceeding" and suitors are keeping similarly mum, prompting rumor and unattributed scuttlebutt that has fueled rampant speculation about the company's pending fate.
The scuttlebutt likely had its origin in the fact that Washington Regional has offered early separation packages to a limited group of employees.
The scuttlebutt is that the Devil Killer could strike a target 25 miles away in about 10 minutes.
7 percent of the emails qualify as office scuttlebutt.