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Bankier said: "We deeply resent being associated with the scuttlebutt that was the Panorama programme.
"The saying went if the mermaid started to look good then you'd had enough," said Matt Strom-berg, head brewer at Everett's Scuttlebutt Brewing
Coroner Sir John Goldring yesterday told the court: "The rumour, the scuttlebutt, was that most were Freemasons.
As the scuttlebutt about New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady using under-inflated balls in the AFC Championship game continues, the media are big winners.
"We hear the scuttlebutt, but that's all we've heard.
Starting next month, we're upping our game - offering Texas Weekly subscribers daily afternoon email reports on the scuttlebutt in the Capitol, curated by yours truly, the Trib's newsletters editor.
Then there was the scuttlebutt that an agent of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) had been tasked with transporting the body of Gonzalez back to this city "under another name."
Kyle Publications, owner of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine and sister concern Marine Marketing SolutionsTM, has announced launch of the website
Perhaps this was the Omaha-class cruiser Detroit (CL-8)?] We had heard that a big super bomb had been dropped on Japan, and the scuttlebutt was all over the place and about every scenario.
This year's race looks likely to reverse that trend and the 70th Rolex Sydney Hobart in 2014 could be a bonanza, judging by the scuttlebutt around the waterfont.
Tehran political scuttlebutt since the election indicates that Motahari is under consideration by President-elect Rohani for a cabinet post, which some thought might be the reason for the bugging.
Scuttlebutt is the troopers just weren't comfortable with the power level of the 9mm, and were more than willing to swap four rounds of cartridge capacity to carry .45s.