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So there should be more than mere scuttlebutt to talk about before February arrives.
Erik Kyle, founder of Kyle Publications and publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine, said, The launch at the Miami show of our Marine Affiliate NetworkTM signaled the arrival of a first in this industry and now with the rollout of www.
The scuttlebutt likely had its origin in the fact that Washington Regional has offered early separation packages to a limited group of employees.
The scuttlebutt is that the Devil Killer could strike a target 25 miles away in about 10 minutes.
7 percent of the emails qualify as office scuttlebutt.
A lot of the scuttlebutt around the industry over the last couple of weeks has been about transparency and fiscal responsibility.
The scuttlebutt in the capital is that internal security chief Zhou Yongkang, No.
Most reprisals will not be through formal peer review but apparent from attitude of nursing personnel, the scuttlebutt, or an increase in complaints about you.
The "informed" media scuttlebutt about handbags at dawn on Old Cheshunt Pond is actually far less probable than the official version-a simple realisation that two powerful men fighting over the wheel is going to make a Costa Concordia out of Tesco.
In the second installment of Cigna's Health Care Reform series, listen to the latest insights on the elections, the Supreme Court hearings and Capitol Hill scuttlebutt.
Indeed, if the newsroom scuttlebutt surrounding Dacre's daring decision to publish and be damned is true, then justice owes a hat-tip to an accident of fate.
Online scuttlebutt has it that Barrak has been playing darbouka since the age of 4 and made his first televised performance at the age of 7.