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In the first case, the Scutum cloud will really be what its name implies; in the second, it will be merely a portion of the Milky Way which is not obscured by dark nebulosity.
habitus in dorsal (1) and lateral (2) view; scutum, scutellum and metathorax + propodeum in dorsal view (3); mesosoma in lateral view (4); chela (5).
Our study demonstrates that CT findings (F igures 2, 3, 4and 5) that suggest a diagnosis of middle ear cholesteatoma consist of i) non-dependent or completely opacifying polypoidal soft tissue densities in the middle ear cavity and antrum (focal, partial or total), ii) with associated expansion and smooth erosion of the walls, iii) blunted or eroded scutum tip iv) ossicular displacement or erosions.
This result also supports the prediction that conspecific-attached individuals grow less than their independent counterparts, because individuals that are attached to the scutum of hermaphrodites should emphasize male function for fertilizing the eggs of the hermaphrodites.
Caglau'r mor neu gwyran (uchod) ac isod cregyn llong ar graig yn dangos y tergum a'r scutum Lluniau: Bethan Wyn Jones
por ejemplo Aranegui 1997: 108, pero el hecho de que el primero de los infantes aparezca representado golpeando con su falcata el scutum de su oponente nos hace pensar mas bien en un combate).
2 Africa Dimorphia tristis South [female] scutum (Wiedemann) Africa Dimorphia tristis South [female] base of wing, (Wiedemann) Africa anepimeron, abdominal tergite 3 Hebecnema semiflava Burundi [female] abdominal tergite 5 Stein * Helina sp.
In composition, Scutum forms a long triangle stretching from beta and alpha in the north to gamma Scutii in the south.
2007) with characteristics (Apanaskevich, 2003): : any groves in scutum absent, except short and pit-like cervical ones, punctuation sparse and impressive, adenal shields short and wide, without inner branch, posterior part widened, antero-median margin straight, spurs of coxae-I widely separated, triangular wide, sub-equal in size.
Mesosoma: (1) anterior pronotal carina raised, acute; (2) humeri slightly projecting in front of tegula, rounded; (3) pretegular carina projecting on upper region, acute, curved, not interrupted; (4) scutum 1.
Then there's the massive shield, called the scutum, which is made from thin laminated layers of wood glued on top of each other before being covered with leather and edged with bronze to resist splitting.