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MARINER. One whose occupation is to navigate vessels on the sea. Vide Seamen Shipping articles.
     2. By act of congress, 1 Story, Laws of U. S., ch. 56, s. 4, p. 109, it is provided, that no sum exceeding one dollar shall be recovered from any seaman or mariner (in the merchant service,) by any person, for any debt contracted during the time such seaman or mariner shall actually belong to any ship or vessel, until the voyage for which such seaman or mariner engaged, shall be ended.

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The explanation is that our neighbour, the late Miss Jo Hudson, MBE, founded the Huddersfield Sea Rangers and the unit chose the name SRS Gambia.
is selling biodiesel to boaters and to nearby Channel Islands National Park, which uses biodiesel in the vessels Pacific Ranger and Sea Ranger II as well as in diesel equipment on the islands, including stationary power generators.
In 1993, Customs sold the pounds 500,000 Sea Ranger V to McLean for just pounds 5000 plus information after he helped to foil a multi-million smuggling operation.
L-3 Vertex will perform all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repair and supply operations to support 120 TH-57B/C Sea Ranger aircraft used to train helicopter pilots for the U.
This is an exciting development for the Queensland Governments highly successful Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program which is delivering real environmental and employment outcomes in regional communities across Queensland, Dr Miles said.
I had my first kiss at a party full of Army cadets when I was a sea ranger.
In 1952, she was one Golcar's first two Queen's guides and then went on to become a Sea Ranger in Slaithwaite.
Jean, 82, was also a Jersey Sea Ranger and met the Queen and Princess Elizabeth when they came to celebrate Liberation Day.
HT-18 flies the TH-57B and TH-57C Sea Ranger, which are all new-build aircraft manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron, Fort Worth, Texas.
As the scoping study gained pace, the National Oceans Office joined forces with Parks Australia, the Northern Land Council (set up to manage the interests of Traditional Owners), and the Northern Territory Government (Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and Department of Infrastructure Planning and Environment), with support from the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust, to undertake a collaborative marine survey with Traditional Owners and Indigenous Sea Ranger groups--self-organised community groups that oversee the northern coastal waters.