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When I finally reached Village Bay around 8am, the swell made landing impossible so I set off around the sea stacks. They are like nothing I had ever seen anywhere in the world and I spent the morning taking pictures and absorbing it all, as this was what I really wanted to paint."
With the towering sea stack only 2ft wide in places, there was no room for mistakes for little Luke or his dad.
Two intrepid summit baggers chose iconic Scottish sea stack, the Old Man of Hoy, as their final "HUMP".
Hidden inlets, including Thunder Rock Cove and Hidden Beach, are sheltered by the sea stacks and headlands, such as Deer Point.
The scenery to Newport is outstanding, with plenty of pull-offs to enjoy rocky headland, bizarre sea stacks and deserted beaches.
The islands are also made up of extremely challenging terrain, including near vertical cliffs, sea stacks and a stretch of water separating one of the three main islands.
Then hit the coast (a three-hour drive from Hurricane Ridge) and beach-comb among towering sea stacks at Second Beach.
Wai'anapanapa State Park is well worth a stop to explore its volcanic coastline, featuring sea stacks, blowholes and a black sand beach.
Five miles behind us, the tall spire of Malborough shines across bright green rolling hills and in front of us the craggy cliffs and sea stacks of Hope Cove hamlet glow.
Every year, millions of people come from around the world to admire the scenic California coastline with its ever-changing sand dunes, sculptured sea stacks and abundant tide pools.
South Walls has some of the most remarkable natural coastal formations in the UK with gurgling gloups, soaring sea stacks and precipitous cliffs topped by Cantick Head lighthouse -- a great place to spot whales, orcas and dolphins.
With its weather-worn coast punctuated with dramatic sea stacks, beautiful Blue Flag beaches and offshore islands, Donegal feels like an unexplored wilderness.