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If the transaction is successful, Seaboard will own a 49.
In restoring the steel facade components, Seaboard first stripped all paint, carried out a thorough inspection, and welded in custom-crafted replacement shapes.
The majority of Seaboard Foods' employees work in or near the Oklahoma panhandle town of Guymon, which is where the company's pork processing plant is located.
The Seaboard is becoming not just an interface, but a new category of instruments that opens up an ever wider range of creative possibilities.
In the arcade around the Seaboard reading room, a decorative pendant reveals the detail of the ceiling and casts a soft, flattering glow.
Seaboard Station is located at the northern end of downtown Raleigh, off Peace Street and next to William Peace University.
Country: USASector: Business and Consumer Services, RailwaysTarget: Seaboard Railcar RepairBuyer: Trinity Industries Inc , Trinity Railcar Repair IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
ASWA will run the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition and the Virginia Wine Festival, two of the most visible programs sponsored by the VWGA.
Using the latest technology, Seaboard infuses hand-selected PrairieFresh Premium Pork with a proprietary blend of lean pork trimmings to create abundantly marbled pork.
Seaboard Industries was founded in 1947 by Mike Halpem.
The Vancouver Port Authority (VPA) and Seaboard International Shipping Company, Ltd.
With a fleet of more than 30 vessels, Miami-based Seaboard Marine is well equipped to handle all types of cargo, including oversized project and wearing apparel cargoes for the 807/9802 program.