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Seagull is a 12-meter long USV that can be operated from a mother-ship or from shore stations.
Fed up with holidaymakers being divebombed by greedy seagulls in "horror movie" scenes, one British costal area is fighting back by making it an offence to feed the birds.
ANORTH East council is to launch a campaign to tackle the problem of aggressive seagulls.
Great, here she comes tearing down the beach with two seagulls flying overhead.
They had been treated at Seagulls Flight Foundation Inc.
The 77-year-old said: "I was up there for Chloe's fourth birthday and was sitting on a bench watching her play when this seagull started circling above me.
Last month, a seagull was shot three times with an air rifle in Lansdowne Road in Canton.
In the video, seagull is seen getting closer to two men who sat on a table to eat hamburger.
Aberdeenshire Council published a Seagull Survivor's Guide earlier this year as the birds continue to attack and pillage food from residents.
A SEASIDE town plagued by "out-of-control" seagulls which have spent the summer dive-bombing diners could find a solution to its problem in the shape of a feathered friend.
Lots of seagulls have moved away from Bulgariaas Southern Black Sea coast, according to a local media report.
No, sorry a seagull - because of this book my dad read, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.