seal of secrecy

See: censorship
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He had told her how flirtatious he was and had amused her often with the narration of some adventure which Griffiths under the seal of secrecy had imparted to him.
Moreover, the confessional, with its seal of secrecy, further enabled the abuse by providing a context for expiation of this sin.
6 : something (as a pledge) that makes safe or secure <The deal was made under seal of secrecy.
She then broke the seal of secrecy that shrouded the eventual breaking of the code.
However, in spite of revelation upon revelation, Mrs Andreasen's supporters have never managed to demonstrate that she ever succeeded in uncovering the slightest malfunctioning unknown to the Commission, or worse still, covered by the seal of secrecy.
Although the seal of secrecy is as much an obstacle to the modern researcher as it was to the archbishop, de Boer approaches the problem in four ways.