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The harder material acts as a rigid backup for the seal, and in some cases acts as a structural member within the assembly being sealed. Seals for high temperature and H2S applications can be provided by bonding elastomers such as Viton and Aflas to corrosion resistant metal with operational pressures up to 700 bar.
As it utilises a simple, rugged open rotary unit design, aggressive, abrasive and viscous fluids can be sealed easier than with other ANSI seal types that incorporate shrouded spring rotaries.
In experiments, trays made of crystallized polyethylene terepthalate were sealed using flat, curved or reduced-profile sealing heads.
When comparing the values it must be borne in mind that the sealed pressure p1 for lip seals are lower that the corresponding mechanical seals.
Sealed C[O.sub.2] (5-500 watts) and Nd:Yag laser systems (diode and lamp pumped), laser tubes, XY and flying optics cutting tables, marking and engraving systems with on-the-fly technology.
As part of Sealed Air's commitment to customer care, the range of Sealed Air Primoflex[TM] polypropylene shrink films are now available across Europe and can be purchased from local sales offices in the UK, including Sealed Air's Shrink Packaging Division in Bradford.
Bearings can be sealed either on one or both sides.
Sealed radioactive sources, radioactive material encapsulated in stainless steel or other metal, are used worldwide in medicine, industry, and research.