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Prince Siddhatha reflected thus: Why do I, being subject to birth, decay, disease, death and sorrow thus search for an answer to mankind's suffering?
Khan said that the problem in the region could not be solved through a military offensive, rather dialogue and talks should be given preference to search for an answer to the impending crisis.
However much we search for an answer to our question, we continue to ask, 'Why?
I decided to search for an answer by immersing myself in John Paul's writings.
The search for an answer to this question is difficult because little direct evidence from the printers or their colleagues is available.
And in their search for an answer, many of them have for the first time come face-to-face with the term nadleehi--and with all the different people and identifies the word represents.
Depue's search for an answer led to a dry shale area along U.
ROCK BOTTOM: Robson and Venables search for an answer at Sunderland
We, in turn, accept the gesture as a legitimate gambit, a stance adopted in the artist's search for an answer to the puzzle of identity and cultural location.
The search for an answer has caused seismologists to reach far beyond their field into meteorology.

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