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Mr Williams said: "Search orders are the Exocet missiles of commercial litigation."
In the short run, AFS's data on title search order activity tends to confirm this view.
George Green LLP's team is 'very fast, accurate and professional at all times', and is led by Neil Williams, who has experience both as a mediator and as a supervisor of search orders. In one example of work, Williams acted as the supervising solicitor regarding the execution of a search order at domestic premises following an alleged breach of confidentiality by the two defendants who resided there.
Former chief supt Eric Anderson previously claimed the controversial search order came from the top.
The prosecutor said the perpetrators of the incident have not been determined and therefore issued a "permanent search order" to keep the case open and allow more time to identify them.
In the new method, a quick response was achieved by manipulating the search order inside the experimental databases.
Noting that MyT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan had personally given the search order, Aktepe indicated: "I was ordered to form a search team consisting of reliable members.
However, if a litigator has never been involved with a search order there can be an air of mystery to this process and it can be difficult to advise the client on this option without the input from someone who has experience of this process which if done in front of the client can undermine solicitor/client confidence.
Users can also search order, and download NCITS standards from the CSSinfo Website (
Furthermore, the prosecutor or judge who gives a search order will have to provide a reasoned decision.
Also the prosecutor or judge who gives a search order must provide a reasoned decision.