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There are many technologies on the horizon that can be used with search now or in a few years: Touch screens, eye tracking (to select an option or a piece of text, to let the system see what the user is interested in and look for more of that), graphical interfaces that become more powerful through use of these technologies (for a simple example, searching for place by selecting it on a map through tapping on the screen, searching for information on a department by selecting it on an organization chart), voice input and output.
After searching, a total of 2666 medical images were retrieved using 30 keywords by search engines and Meta search engines.
For instance, if it detects you are in Germany, it may return more results from German sites, even if you are searching using the English interface.
Search engine Web sites such as Google and Yahoo, have become common for Internet users to employ when searching for Web sites and information.
Orin Kerr, a law professor at George Washington University, literally wrote the book on government searches of computer data: the 2001 Justice Department manual Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations.
The users were able to retrieve information from the system and noticed a difference between traditional keyword searching and case-based reasoning searching, but did not understand what caused the difference.
Jux2 is a useful one-stop searching site for results from Google, MSN, and Yahoo!
* Prudential Home Listing: Search for details on a home they see offline, by searching the "Pru ID" found on a home's for sale sign.
Moreover, the FBI acknowledged searching the personal effects of more than 3,500 Americans without a court search warrant (according to the Associated Press) using a procedure called a "National Security Letter" under the Patriot Act.
In addition, as more systematic reviews are being published in many disciplines, librarians are being asked to assist with the production of them--comprehensive searching is vital to the strength of the reviews.
Using netTrekker search engines, educators, school librarians, students, and parents save valuable time because they are directed to relevant, reliable, educator-selected websites every time -- meaning less time spent on searching and more time focused on learning.