searching examination

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It was a curious fact, however, that notwithstanding his recent searching examination, he looked once more nervously around the saloon before he settled down to his task.
Michael was for growing restless at such searching examination, but Daughtry, in the midst of feeling out the lines and build of the thighs and hocks, paused and took Michael's tail in his magic fingers, exploring the muscles among which it rooted, pressing and prodding the adjacent spinal column from which it sprang, and twisting it about in a most daringly intimate way.
The England Lions batsman came to the wicket with Worcestershire perched uneasily on 13 for two after choosing to bat and being given a searching examination by the Durham pace trio of Chris Rushworth, Graham Onions and Mark Wood.
McCarthy was then unlucky to take no wickets in a spell of 8-3-5-0 as Jacques Rudolph survived a searching examination from Durham's four seamers until two overs from the close, when he was strangled down the leg side for 43.
Cosker has not taken offence, but will be determined nonetheless to provide a searching examination of Pietersen's England credentials.
This searching examination of the emerging multicast model looks only set to cement that reputation.
The university has designated different examination centers located at faraway places from the residence of the students for each paper and they have to put tiring efforts for searching examination centre for each paper separately.
NORWAY, direness itself on their last visit to the UK, are set for a less searching examination on their return tonight.
They also triumphed when the countries last met in the World Cup bronze medal match at Eden Park 41 days ago, but Deans is to face a searching examination.
He believes the roster will face its most searching examination against two teams able to match them man for man.
For a searching examination of the mysteries that are hiding in plain sight with our leaders, I commend two new works.
England were given a searching examination by a rejuvenated France before securing a 32-18 victory in their warm-up match at Avignon's Parc des Sports.