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He's frank and searingly open, ruthlessly self-deprecating, and all done while spinning around the stage like a Michael Jackson tribute jacked into the mains.
Silent Sleep play sparkly sad and darkly romantic songs with searingly honest lyrics.
Beautifully written and searingly truthful, it is full of love and fear and understanding.
Although it's searingly bad about Sunderland it raises questions that might be asked of any other local authority.
As an educator and ex-university lecturer in Australian poetry, I was most impressed by the expressions and emotions so searingly conveyed within that poem.
The tone of Gold's remembrances is wandering, quiet, and contemplative, and also often searingly angry or hurt.
Scar is as searingly beautiful and raw as Adele's Someone Like You , Bad to Me could have been a Girls Aloud smash while Demon Lover is classic Soft Cell.
Even with Tesla's searingly good Model S and BMW's wonderful i3 and i8, the EV haters still trot out their uninformed dross.
After two weeks, they exposed half of the mice in each group to a searingly bright light for four hours, while the others stayed in dimly lit cages.
In a searingly honest biography published just two months earlier, Redford described his struggles to "break free of the shackles of doubt, fear and anxiety" which plagued him as a player and in later life.
I have infinite tenderness for you," one woman tells another in "Blue Is the Warmest Color" and it's a sentiment that also describes director Abdellatif Kechiche's attitude toward his characters in this searingly intimate, daringly attenuated portrait of a French teenager and her passionate relationship with another femme.
Spiegelman, whose name can be translated as "art mirrors man," is the owner of a stunningly fertile graphic imagination that over the past 40 years has produced dozens of formally innovative and often searingly self-reflective strips in various magazines, including Arcade and RAW, which he co-founded and edited with his wife, French artist and editor Francoise Mouly.