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Although the report is searingly bad about Sunderland it raises questions that might be asked of any local authority
In a searingly honest interview with the Mirror, he apologised for his actions, when he physically attacked Rihanna, leaving her shocked and bruised.
At their best - think of Velczquez's searingly honest paintings of Philip IV of Spain, or of Lucian Freud's portrait of Elizabeth II - they humanise and polish the prestige of the monarchy.
99) ACCLAIMED Australian author Thomas Keneally's 29th novel - like his classic Schindler's Ark - continues with a wartime setting, providing us with a story both grandiose in scale and searingly intimate.
Visual contributions include a project linked to a pair of paintings by Francis AlEAs, drawings of walls that become paths that become walls by Paul Noble, and a searingly intimate journal-based piece by Emily Jacir.
Stevens tells a searingly personal side of the story in “Harold Camping Stole My Parents,” featured in the new MannaEXPRESS (www.
The issue was a topic of discussion at the screening of Prodigal Sons , a documentary film that searingly depicts the tale of two small- town brothers and their battles with identity, both sexual and biological, at the American Center in the city on Friday.
After searingly hot conditions for the first Test, Durban is all about energy-sapping humidity.
Many British casualties have been victims of 'improvised roadside bombs' and it's focussing on this kind of issue in Iraq which makes The Hurt Locker searingly topical.
In reply, the Jewish onlookers boldly accept the bloodguilt themselves and, searingly, heap it upon their children.
When I heard him play on this searingly hot day in June 2005, it was the Chopin B-flat Minor Scherzo.
Tip: If cooking the burgers on a grill pan, do not have it searingly hot or they will burn.