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The technology to replicate the seashore atmosphere was developed by Dutch firm Prins & Dingemanse .
Seashore Charters operates out of the Atlin Terminal, located in the popular neighborhood of Cow Bay, which is the central region for the comings and goings of the local cruise ships, fishing charters and fish factories, and home to several unique gift stores, restaurants and businesses.
If only one book on California's scenic Point Reyes National Seashore were to be chosen as a take-along tote or basic destination-oriented reference, it should be Jessica Lage's Point Reyes: The Complete Guide To The National Seashore & Surrounding Area (0899973507, $15.
Take between two mornings, 2004, where four women--naked and bald--sit perched on rocks at the seashore and watch the never-setting sun bob along the horizon.
Pilton and Muirhouse, overlooking the Forth Bridge from the picturesque seashore of north Edinburgh, are known for their social problems.
Set in and near the author's hometown and covering the first half of the 20th century, the story begins with Dieter Stumpf, an immigrant who settles on a 20-acre land-grant plot high atop a seashore bluff and establishes an onion farm.
When formally inaugurated, Monte Leon will become Argentina's first coastal national park, safeguarding a 25-mile stretch of wild seashore.
I would dearly love to see every lake, river, stream and seashore in this region developed to the full for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.
These woodland and seashore pathways are hospitable to slow walkers as well as to wheeled mobility devices.
The National Park Service (NPS) Northeast Region, the Maryland Departments of Natural Resources (MDNR) and Agriculture (MDA), The Nature Conservancy, and the FWS teamed up to plant seabeach amaranth on the beaches of Assateague Island National Seashore in 2000.
However, all share the basic coastal-style ingredients - practical and airy living spaces that in colour and style echo the seashore outside or are inspired by it.
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