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Within a reasonable time; timely.

The term seasonable is usually used in connection with the performance of contractual obligations that must be completed "seasonably." The facts and circumstances of each case define a reasonable period of time.


adjective acceptable, apposite, auspicious, befitting, convenient, due, expedient, favorable, fit, opportune, opportunus, proper, properly timed, propitious, seemly, suitable, timeful, timely, towardly, well-timed
See also: apposite, favorable, fit, fitting, opportune, prompt, proper, propitious, punctual, relevant, suitable
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In Part 2, we will look at the demographics of the flavored coffee drinker, its seasonability and how the large fast food chains in the U.
Documentation of Seasonability in Stock Returns and Institutional Trading Patterns
The fact that climate seasonability alone could not explain the current predominance of savanna formations, in areas where wetness is sufficient for the establishment of forest formations (Gottsberger and Morawetz, 1986), should be considered.
The fact is that even the smaller employment opportunities in the agricultural sector are characterised by very high seasonability.