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Within a reasonable time; timely.

The term seasonable is usually used in connection with the performance of contractual obligations that must be completed "seasonably." The facts and circumstances of each case define a reasonable period of time.


adjective acceptable, apposite, auspicious, befitting, convenient, due, expedient, favorable, fit, opportune, opportunus, proper, properly timed, propitious, seemly, suitable, timeful, timely, towardly, well-timed
See also: apposite, favorable, fit, fitting, opportune, prompt, proper, propitious, punctual, relevant, suitable
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* Enter your zip code and find a listing of farms in your area--they have handy charts for availability and seasonability.
c) Seasonability: Most of the processing units work only during seasons of marketing availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.
In Part 2, we will look at the demographics of the flavored coffee drinker, its seasonability and how the large fast food chains in the U.S.
Product -- Ideally, the goods or services should have a stable or increasing demand profile (accounting for any seasonability), a low possibility of obsolescence, a large, established, solvent and diversified international market, and a transparent and stable pricing regime.
Documentation of Seasonability in Stock Returns and Institutional Trading Patterns