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Within a reasonable time; timely.

The term seasonable is usually used in connection with the performance of contractual obligations that must be completed "seasonably." The facts and circumstances of each case define a reasonable period of time.


adjective acceptable, apposite, auspicious, befitting, convenient, due, expedient, favorable, fit, opportune, opportunus, proper, properly timed, propitious, seemly, suitable, timeful, timely, towardly, well-timed
See also: apposite, favorable, fit, fitting, opportune, prompt, proper, propitious, punctual, relevant, suitable
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"There also needs to be awareness when it comes to rates of the seasonable aspect of some businesses, particularly those in the tourism trade.
Seasons have tended to develop late before catching up and providing "seasonable" weather.
But somehow, Sunday nights with a good series to wind up the weekend seems perfectly seasonable.
seasonable summer will undergo a personality change, becoming hotter in most regions.
After excluding items vulnerable to the effect of seasonable or weather factors, such as produce, fish, and energy, core consumer price index climbed 1.18% in May, a 28-month high, showing that international price hike of agricultural and industrial raw materials has gradually spread to the consumer price sector.
Barbecues are set to be replaced with brollies as a front sweeps across the UK from the north west, bringing rain showers and more seasonable temperatures.
And this reflects the seasonable regular of online shopping market.
I have followed his Fish Fight campaign promoting the use of sustainable fish and also Jamie at Home, where he cooks seasonable wholesome homegrown food.
According to Brunstam, Hexpol was only slightly affected by seasonable variations in 2010.
Summary: BEIRUT: After a regrettably dry month of December, the rain and cold have finally arrived for seasonable weather, meaning the country's ski resorts will spend this weekend kicking off the long-awaited winter season for hotels and local facilities.
Other Food Channel predictions include growth for American ethic and regional favorites; "food vetting," a demand for Fair Trade, organics, and other "better-for-you" products; "mainstreaming sustainability," the call for locally sourced and seasonable foods; more functional" foods with added nutrients and health benefits; "snob appeal," combining exotic or expensive ingredients with everyday items to appeal to "foodies"; and personalizing and individual portions.
removed 340 seasonable workers from its payroll and cut 180 employees dispatched by staffing agencies during the same six-month period.