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Within a reasonable time; timely.

The term seasonable is usually used in connection with the performance of contractual obligations that must be completed "seasonably." The facts and circumstances of each case define a reasonable period of time.


adjective acceptable, apposite, auspicious, befitting, convenient, due, expedient, favorable, fit, opportune, opportunus, proper, properly timed, propitious, seemly, suitable, timeful, timely, towardly, well-timed
See also: apposite, favorable, fit, fitting, opportune, prompt, proper, propitious, punctual, relevant, suitable
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com points out that the market of online shopping possessed a seasonable regular.
removed 340 seasonable workers from its payroll and cut 180 employees dispatched by staffing agencies during the same six-month period.
A THIS is a very seasonable piece to write about and also a rare find.
The evening finishes with festive and seasonable performances from The Rock Festival Choir and The Duchess's Community High School Choir.
The recent cold spell in the East and Great Lakes area is consistent with the winter forecast which calls for colder seasonable weather at the beginning and end of the winter with warmer temperatures dominating what climatologically is supposed to be the coldest part of the season.
There was pent-up demand, and once seasonable weather and snow arrived so did the skiers and riders.
But this week's return to work and school after the Easter break will see temperatures return to more seasonable figures.
The third-quarter sales were impacted by lower seasonable demand for air-conditioning products as well as lower demand for constant-velocity axles.
The association attributed the increase to upbeat sales of seasonable goods as well as the effects of sales promotion events and store renovations.
NEW YORK-BJ's Wholesale Club has named Richard Wilson senior vice president of general merchandise, overseeing domestics, electronics, giftware, seasonable merchandise and furniture.
8 million, a normal seasonable increase, while the comparison with the year before showed a pounds 1.
The seven-year-old started 9-4 favourite on his seasonable debut at Naas three weeks ago when finishing fourth to Nobody Told Me and he will have benefited from that outing.