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Minister for Employment, Michaelia Cash, said the Government is increasing access to the Seasonal Worker Programme for Australian employers in the agricultural and accommodation sectors to overcome local labour shortages and provide additional assistance to seasonal workers.
Census data, beginning in 1940, indicates that seasonal homes have amounted to at least 10 percent and as much as 16 percent of the housing inventory in New Hampshire in every census since.
In order to be officially diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, a person must exhibit symptoms of regular depression like feelings of hopelessness or loss of interest in activities in conjunction with a spike during the winter months in which they display low energy, overeating, weight gain, social withdrawal or other symptoms.
He said the citizens should not worry of seasonal influenza as it was curable.
Seasonal factors may be applied to series using either a direct or an aggregative method.
One possible issue for employers is that many seasonal employees expect to be kept on longer than just the holiday season.
During the year 2009-10, a total 12, 06,242 MT off seasonal vegetable production was recorded in 63,879 hectare area.
Seasonal adjustment is extraordinarily consequential.
Seasonal GM, and seasonal merchandise in general, delivers some great benefits to the retailer: They drive customer traffic, because seasonal assortments are at once a shopper destination and a stimulus for impulse sales.
The report concerns the proposal for a directive establishing common entry and residence conditions for third-country seasonal workers, which was presented by the European Commission on 13 July 2010.
To investigate the potential for reassortment between seasonal influenza A and pandemic (H1N1) 2009 viruses, we used an in vitro selection method using reverse genetics and serial passaging under limited dilution conditions.