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The first part represents a study of the seasonal variation of the electron density over Baghdad city for each year at different heights (100 km - 1000 km) and for a specific time of the day (noon time) on the 15th of the months:
Our study showed association of seasonal variation in occurrence of imminent eclampsia and eclampsia.
The present study was aimed to determine if there is any evidence of seasonal variation in the occurrence of stroke and its subtypes, along with causal factors of stroke, the effect of age and gender on the occurrence of ICH and ischemic strokes in a teaching hospital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.
Study of seasonal variation in snake bite in patients admitted to a Mangalore based tertiary care hospital.
The influence of seasonal variation on cardiac surgery: a time-related clinical outcome predictor.
Seasonal variations affected rate of heart failure hospitalization and mortality in patients over the age of 30, and the effect was greater with advancing age.
Seasonal variation in serum testosterone concentration and LDH seminal fluid suggest that seasonality occurs in reproductive performance and seminal quality of Markhoz goats that are maintained at 35[degrees]N latitude in the Northern Hemisphere.
Seasonal variation in the frequency of the disease, with a peak in October and a low point in April, suggests cyclic environmental factors.
Analyses of arsenic for seasonal variation samples were conducted at the IPGME&R using the same flow-injection hydridegeneration AAS referred to above.
Also, proving just what a versatile product it can be, carmelised red onion was cooked up with cranberries in the run up to last Christmas giving food manufacturers a tasty, seasonal variation.
This study provides the first description of annual and seasonal variation in mite infestation of harvestmen.

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