seat of justice

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He had no wit to trace back the social crime to its far sources-- he could not say that it was the thing men have called "the system" that was crushing him to the earth that it was the packers, his masters, who had bought up the law of the land, and had dealt out their brutal will to him from the seat of justice.
First time witnessed seat of justice spewing venom', Maryam tweets after SC verdict
The other said the land was to be used as the permanant location of the seat of justice.
There's been a courthouse in Beaumaris dating back to 1614, but the closure of Anglesey's last seat of justice will also see that historical link broken.
At South Carolina's Charleston Stage, Julian Wiles's The Seat of Justice (Feb.
THE JUDICIAL and Bar Council (JBC) has opened nominations for the Supreme Court seat of Justice Martin Villarama Jr.
Sanjoy said the Guahait High court was set up in 1948 to function as the principal seat of justice for seven North East states, but there has been no single judge from Arunachal Pradesh representing the indigenous community, giving enough proof of the move to deprive the Arunachalees to become regular judges of the High Court.
The Courthouse, built in an architectural style that upholds the prestige and dignity of the seat of justice and facilitates smooth and easy administering of the law and adjudication, is a marvelous addition to the emirate's infrastructure.
55, whom President Bush has nominated to fill the seat of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
After 50 years we are now on the verge of making a reality of that hope and having a permanent seat of justice which will hold to account those who break international humanitarian law.
Ludlow, in Shropshire, was a very important seat of justice, and it was there that Saunders met with Prince Edward, son of Edward VI, to appeal against the actions of the city council.