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If a minority in such case will secede rather than acquiesce, they make a precedent which in turn will divide and ruin them; for a minority of their own will secede from them whenever a majority refuses to be controlled by such minority.
A good example is the European Union's rebuffing of attempts by Catalonia to secede from Spain.
As far as we are concerned, Migori county should secede from Kenya and form our own country.
The referendum on whether to secede from Iraq is planned to be held in the three governorates that make up the Kurdish region and in the areas that are disputed by the Kurdish and Iraqi governments but are currently under Kurdish military control.
Toronto should secede from Ontario, Azilda should secede from Greater Sudbury.
The United Kingdom made history in June when it voted to secede from the European Union.
Texas cannot legally secede from the nation, though the notion surfaces from time to time.
I URGE every reader of this paper to sign the online petition "Allow the North of England to secede from the UK & join Scotland" on change.
It is probably hard for Americans to understand why Scotland did not secede from the UK.
And on a White House website, a flurry of post-election petitions have been filed by all 50 states asking for permission to secede from the Union.
As a native Texan, I frequently end up dispelling the myth about Texas' special ability to secede from the United States.
11 ( ANI ): Texas is waiting for President Barack Obama's reaction to a petition demanding it be allowed to secede from the United States, and they might have to continue waiting.