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When Virginia seceded, the western counties refused to join, eventually forming the state of West Virginia.
Arkansas seceded from the Union, the ninth state to join the Confederacy.
The report said the city failed to provide any evidence that those costs could not be reduced, and noted the volume of 911 calls would decrease if the Valley seceded.
The CFA did not acknowledge that the city of Los Angeles would lose $30 million in revenue from a documentary transfer tax if the Valley seceded.
A group of states seceded from the Union and President Lincoln had the army kill the people that seceded.
And if the Valley seceded from Los Angeles, it would probably save untold millions more by ridding itself of the ofudget expenses the LAPD rings up for the city, like paying to settle countless lawsuits or enforce a federal consent decree.
If voters approve Carson's request, it would be the first time that a new school district has seceded from the LAUSD since Torrance schools split off in 1948.
It is also likely that a seceded Valley will pay higher electricity rates.
If he truly wants to see what would happen if the Valley seceded, he should resign and work like hell to make it happen,'' Holden said.
Or it would be if the San Fernando Valley seceded from Los Angeles, becoming the nation's safest and wealthiest city of more than 1 million people.