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It is worth mentioning that last week about 400 New Sahwa members seceded and have announced joining the protestors in Ramadi and Falluja.
Sudan and recently seceded South Sudan have continued to experience bitter bloodshed amongst its borders with each country blaming the other for arming insurgents in their countries.
City leaders long ago seceded downtown's tax base from the rest of L.
Eleven Southern states had formed their own government, the Confederate States of America, and seceded (withdrew) from the rest of the U.
Between the election and Lincoln's inauguration in March 1861, seven states seceded from the Union.
When the first Southern states seceded just after Lincoln's election, Adams argues, it was to escape these higher taxes.
The Armenian Apostolic Church seceded from Rome over 1,500 years ago in a theological dispute on the nature of Christ.
By 1861, 11 Southern states, whose economies were based on slavery, had seceded from the Union (that is, left it), partly to protect slavery.
The change was made in response to community complaints and because the Mercantile Exchange seceded from the plan.