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A Valley city would also have to replace other buildings that it would lose if it secedes, such as a bomb squad facility.
Meanwhile, those who are merely trying to protect the status quo will continue warning about Armageddon, offering unsubstantiated claims that everyone would be worse off if the Valley secedes and spending millions of dollars from lobbyists, contractors, unions and billionaires to blitz the airwaves with negativity.
Whether the Valley secedes or not, the choice is in its residents' hands, as it should be.
The bill came out of committee on Wednesday, but Alarcon amended it Thursday to add a provision that would force cities to charge equivalent utility rates to any area that secedes.
Los Angeles officials pressed their claim Tuesday for $306 million in alimony a year for 24 years from the San Fernando Valley if it secedes despite being rebuffed a day earlier by state Controller Kathleen Connell, who found no legal basis for it.
Los Angeles city officials released a list Thursday of assets it believes the San Fernando Valley should get if it secedes but it claimed Sepulveda Basin, Hansen Dam and Chatsworth Reservoir as its own.
City officials object to this amount, saying it should be closer to $300 million because of ``stranded costs'' or centralized services they don't believe they can cut if the Valley secedes.