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Calemine's report also studied the combined effects of having the Valley and Hollywood secede at the same time.
To get rid of what we have, we're going to have to secede.
The Chatsworth Reservoir is owned by the city Department of Water and Power, which is expected to remain intact if the Valley secedes.
LAFCO is expected to place three to five names on the November ballot for voters to choose from at the same time they decide whether the Valley should secede.
If anything, the city of Los Angeles owes its cash cow, the Valley, back taxes for all the volunteers' efforts and the city services we should have been receiving all the years we wanted to secede.
If the Valley secedes, why not Brentwood, Bel-Air, Pacific Palisades or Eagle Rock?
It may have to make annual payments of that amount to Los Angeles if it secedes.
One of the misleading claims, according to Hollywood VOTE, is that utility bills would rise if Hollywood secedes.