second examination

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"Yes, yes," replied Dantes eagerly; "I would beg of you, who see so completely to the depths of things, and to whom the greatest mystery seems but an easy riddle, to explain to me how it was that I underwent no second examination, was never brought to trial, and, above all, was condemned without ever having had sentence passed on me?"
14 cases of cheating were identified in the first and second examination halls, whereas the answers of all students in the third hall were similar." PP added, "All students were found with similar answers to the question - 'What they want to be in the future?'" The Public Prosecution decided to investigate the case after receiving a report from the Ministry of Education about a mass-cheating scandal in the final English exam by the general diploma students in the school.
Each branch of the electricy company submits reports of the monthly readings to the billing department, which in return revise it one more time for any possible errors that could need a second examination. After bills are printed, and before being sent to consumers, an employ of the billing department checks the bills for a third time.
And a second examination commissioned by the defence found there could be an underlying cause which couldn't be determined due to the state of the body, but agreed that a lack of nutrition was probably what had killed her.
During the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the committee met numerous times by conference call and in person to 1) review any possible lessons learned from the inaugural examination; 2) review and evaluate the credentials of the applicants; 3) prepare the second examination; and 4) grade of the examination.
on May 24 and 25, while the second examination would hold in October.
A post-mortem examination held on Saturday (March 10) was inconclusive and a second examination is due to take place in coming days.
Under the new version, consultations between pathologists instructed by the Crown and defence will decide if a second examination is required.
class="MsoNormalThe body was exhumed five months later for the second examination carried out at Meru Funeral Home by a team consisting of Dr Oduor, Dr Sylvester Maingi, Prof Kiama, Dr Scholastica Kimani and Dr Njue.
The second examination was conducted by Spiliopoulou, who arrived from Greece on Saturday, and state-pathologist Eleni Antoniou.
Krupka on the M-5 Minsk-Gomel highway 54.5 km (right) in the Pukhovichi district of the Minsk region "with the passage of a second examination of the construction project and receipt of a positive conclusion by Gosstroi examination.
Morjaria described the clump of lenses as a 'blueish mass.' Another ten were extracted during a second examination.

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