second marriage

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In this book, readers will follow a second marriage that was both wonderful and tragic: the breakup of a career and a growing love that could not last because of illness; a joyous union that lifted both husband and wife above day-to-day problems; the story of success after failure; and a picture of a woman who left a beautiful mark on life.
Sheerani added that a man may just seek permission from union council (UC) chairman/secretary for a second marriage, Dawn News reports.
One of the most common hindrances for the success of a second marriage are due to the endless comparisons people draw from their previous experience.
However with consciousness the second marriage can, of course, be far happier.
The Orthodox Church does not allow divorce or second marriage outside of rare circumstances, such as if adultery had been committed.
The Egyptian government recently adopted a personal status law that allows Egyptians to get married for the second time, but this fuelled tensions with the Coptic Church, which is categorically against second marriages.
According to her, second marriage comes with greater expectation, especially for a woman and it offers more problems.
A woman who set fire to a tent during celebrations to mark her husband's second marriage has been sentenced to death by a Kuwaiti court.
In 2007 Hala married to the lawyer Samih Sami, her second marriage for Hala.
If the Quran allows four wives then why did this man keep his second marriage a secret, and let the law handle his second wife's claim to inheritance?
MORE men in their 40s and 50s are opting for cosmetic surgery, with many citing a second marriage as the reason.
He left his estate in trust for his third wife Anita and his only child Katharine, from his second marriage.