second marriage

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He was aware that the world would regard such a sentiment as preposterous, especially in relation to a woman of one-and-twenty; the practice of "the world" being to treat of a young widow's second marriage as certain and probably near, and to smile with meaning if the widow acts accordingly.
When my mother came here, after her second marriage, she certainly established the village school just as it exists at the present time.
What I learned revived my hopes, and I was better pleased not to have found Don Fernando than to find him married, for it seemed to me that the door was not yet entirely shut upon relief in my case, and I thought that perhaps Heaven had put this impediment in the way of the second marriage, to lead him to recognise his obligations under the former one, and reflect that as a Christian he was bound to consider his soul above all human objects.
Hepzibah knew enough to enable her to appreciate the circumstances (resulting from the second marriage of the girl's mother) which made it desirable for Phoebe to establish herself in another home.
In one of the aristocratic mansions built by Puget in the Rue du Grand Cours opposite the Medusa fountain, a second marriage feast was being celebrated, almost at the same hour with the nuptial repast given by Dantes.
Another meeting will suffice to explain his sentiments on picturesque beauty, and second marriages, and then you can have nothing farther to ask.
Under the name of the deceased brother, police filed a case against unidentified persons for the death of Muhammad Kaleem, who had wedded Saima in what was his second marriage three months back.
The news that Imran Khan had 'secretly' married Bushra Maneka on Jan 1 had first surfaced in the media on Jan 6, but like in the case of his second marriage, it was immediately denied by the party as well as Mr Khan.
SHO Ghaffar Shah said Panwar was arrested on a complaint registered by a woman, M*, who had her second marriage with him around two years ago.
It is said that accused Qasim, a quack doctor who used to practice in village Bouken, wanted to contract second marriage with Afshan d/o Mehmood and upon her refusal got infuriated and threw acid on her and her three younger sisters Amina, Ayesh and Jannat after storming their house along with his accomplice Fakhar.
A WOMAN'S second marriage has been annulled after it was revealed that she was still married to her first husband.
While his first marriage with Jemima Khan ended in divorce after nine years on June 22, 2004, the second marriage with Reham Khan continued barely for 10 months.