second nature

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The Climate Leadership Network continues to drive innovative solutions, which is the only way the sector and the nation will continue to remain globally competitive, said Tim Carter, president of Second Nature.
Biser argues that we need to think anew human reality within the context of the more radical 'creation' of second nature that reprogenetics represents.
Seeing beyond the obvious, and pushing the ordinary to reveal its second nature is the focus of this show.
UMMS will be featured by Second Nature this month in its "Celebrating Sustainability" series, which highlights the sustainability initiatives of the finalists for the leadership awards.
We expect the Hill PHOENIX Second Nature system to play an important role in enhancing our green technology package.
She is managing director of Second Nature, a business in Dacre, a couple of miles from Penrith, Cumbria.
And thus Ben-Ner's video, shown here together with "The Making of Second Nature," a 2009 series of sketches in felt-tip pen on paper, also endows the very concept of "second nature" with its own complexity.
The Eco Club at Ffairfach Primary School in Llandeilo has been helping to attract wildlife to the school this term with Second Nature.
Overcoming challenges have become almost second nature for Staff Sgt.
The mission is to make drivers aware of the weight difference, and eventually, handling the vehicles will become second nature to them again.
I was determined to make rhythm second nature to these left-handed students.