second rank

References in classic literature ?
In the second rank comes the kind of tragedy which some place first.
There were not lacking some who, whilst admitting all her charm and beauty, placed her in the second rank, Lilla Watford being marked as first.
The tumult was presently increased by the advance of the second rank on either side, which, acting as a reserve, now rushed on to aid their companions.
It fostered such virtues as neatness, decision, and obedience, virtues of the second rank, no doubt, but they have formed our civilization.
But with his simple Musketeer's uniform and nothing but the manner in which he threw back his head and advanced his foot, Athos instantly took the place which was his due and consigned the ostentatious Porthos to the second rank. Porthos consoled himself by filling the antechamber of M.
The best actor according to Baseera's poll was Mohamed Ramadan who garnered 14 percent of the votes, Ahmed Helmy claimed the second rank with 10 percent and Adel Emam claimed the third rank with 8 percent.
In a special ceremony at his office yesterday, ambassador Gattan expressed gratitude of the honor Oroob scored for her country through occupying the second rank in the UC Math, level A recently held in Malaysia, wishing her continuous success and bright future.
According to the Daily Times, Pakistan which is currently three points above archrivals India in the second rank with 124 ratings points, can gain one ratings point if they win both the matches, to finish with 125 ratings points and thereby reduce the gap with number-one ranked Sri Lanka (128) to three.
Local Share index reached 16.26 in 2012 that brings the second rank in the world for Iran.
The colt ''Ajlad'' achieved the second rank in colt class born in 2009 and qualified for the final tournament of this class and achieved the fourth place in the championship.
Chennai bags the second rank in the competitive city index, surging ahead of Mumbai, which slid to the third position from the top slot it had achieved last year.
CCI's CEO Michael O'Neill stated on Tuesday that Turkey's sales volume in the second quarter of 2010 grew ten percent, adding that Pakistan was after Turkey on the second rank in the aspect of sales volume.