second self

See: alter ego
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I ask you to pass through life at my side--to be my second self, and best earthly companion.
And then with an overpowering sweetness of relief, it came back upon my mind that the servants were already used to the coming and going of my second self.
Such was my scheme for keeping my second self invisible.
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The second self leads him to the truth he's been searching for, so that he is able to say at last, with God, "I am.
In the end, his thoughts go back to a time in his youth when the second self experienced fulfillment by serving the needs of the emotionally disturbed in a Christian institution.
He treats the first self born in the Greek world and institutionally at home in the family, the second self emerging from the realm of culture and at home in civil society, and the third self explicated from the realm of morality and served by the state.
Julia Carolyn Guernsey, The Pulse of Praise: Form as Second Self in the Poetry of George Herbert