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In the first stage of labor initially, involvement of T11, T12 segments are required, and as the labor progresses, T10 and L1 segments are required to be block, whereas pain relief using the second stage of labor requires neural blockade at T10-S4 level.
This study was designed to measure TAC, TTM and KAT in Blood and saliva of mother at the second stage of labor and cord blood of newborns delivered through these different delivery modes.
At this time, it is unclear whether there is any absolute maximum length of time beyond which all women in the second stage of labor should undergo cesarean delivery.
Other variables including prolong second stage of labor, forceps delivery, nulliparity, induction of labor and baby birth weight >4 kg were reviewed as risk factors for suffering from OASIS after vaginal deliveries.
Active pushing was advised when full cervical dilatation was achieved and delivery was not imminent within a waiting period of one hour for multigravida women and two hours for primigravida women in the second stage of labor.
in skilled hand it is very safe and important to cut short of second stage of labor or even prophylactic use also.
Both groups were compared on oxytocin infusion in the first and second stage of labor and the extension of episiotomy to the vaginal walls (anterior, posterior, etc.
Torsion of uterus is a complication of late first stage or early second stage of labor due to instability of uterus which results from greater curvature of organ being dorsal and uterus being disposed anteriorly to its subilial suspension by broad ligaments.
Design work started as soon as the designer of choice in February 2014 and will continue in the first phase, the end of the year 2014, and the second stage of labor and the early planning of the implementation to the form of at least the end of 2016.
She delivered her baby vaginally, alter a second stage of labor lasting more than three hours.
Foetal distress in second stage of labor as evidenced by passage of meconium , abnormal FHR patterns at CTG recordings, umbilical cord prolapse in second stage of labour.
8 Lidocaine gel is a local anesthetic its application on the perineum in the second stage of labor has been shown to lessen pain perception in the immediate postpartum period.