second view

See: hindsight
References in classic literature ?
I'm a-going to unfold your plan, before this young lady; I'm a-going to show this young lady the second view of you; and nothing you can say will stave it off.
Everything seemed more magnificent at a second view than it had done at their first rapid survey.
When I opened my eyes the second view started my heart with a thump.
Deputy Speaker sought second view of the parliamentarians in which he rejected the resolution in the favour of majority of the members of the house.
Our second view, above, left, is what I call a gem as it is a multiple view by Hall Photographers of Liverpool, and is called Ye Olde Hale Village.
In the second view the stadium is clear, as is the line which now leads to Prologis Park, the level crossing is now replaced by the A444 bridge and the factory has now been replaced with homes.
If the second view is more accurate, one would expect self-employment to increase during economic downturns and decrease during economic expansions.
Proponents of the second view held that successful academic writing depends on general writing skills, but they thought that discipline-specific instruction is essential as well.
The second view is that religion has a prober role to play in shaping scientific inquiry and interpretation.
The first view leads to despair and desperation; the second view breeds hope and consolation.
A second view of heart failure brings another molecule to the fore.
A second view of ecumenism is that all Christians should be unified in one Christian body.