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The tavern was dirty and wretched, not even second-rate.
That she has never been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a total disgrace, especially when I see the second-rate talent that has been inducted.
I don't know which would be worse - the sale of Bent or the fact that McLeish will be given money to spend on bringing in more second-rate players who will play the second-rate game of counting a draw as good as a win.
But I thought some of our stuff was second-rate and not of a standard I expect.
Trudging off to the northern plains to fight these second-rate cart-horses every year isn't floating the boat anymore.
And so we end up with second-rate service, second-rate treatment at work and second-rate sex.
If you seriously believe that people all over the world are interested in a second-rate game in a second rate league then you are delusional.
FOR years, I and other bus users in Hazlerigg have endured a second-rate service from Arriva.
EDITORS frontman Tom Smith is annoyed his band have been branded a second-rate version of Interpol.
It was a great featureless region of few resources and little strategic value, hosting a mishmash of minor campaigns undertaken by quarrelsome, second-rate generals.
In an increasingly Computer-focused real estate industry, superb real estate software can represent the difference between a top-tier company and its second-rate competitors.
CSUN reeks with potential yet remains mired as a second-rate NCAA Division I program with second-rate facilities.