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SECOND. A measure equal to one sixtieth part of a minute. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Danglars," said Monte Cristo; "I see I was deceived, and that you belong to the class of second-rate fortunes."
I was only speaking in reference to the second-rate fortunes we were mentioning just now."
Throughout the fifteenth century the leading poets (of prose we will speak later) were avowed imitators of Chaucer, and therefore at best only second-rate writers.
For that which thou hast heard me speak to-night--was declaimed with the painful precision of a schoolgirl who has been taught to recite by some second-rate professor of elocution.
Still, still, one goes on, the ticking seconds seemed to assure him, with dignity, with open eyes, with determination not to accept the second-rate, not to be tempted by the unworthy, not to yield, not to compromise.
Elisabeth Baudoyer, nee Saillard, is one of those persons who escape portraiture through their utter commonness; yet who ought to be sketched, because they are specimens of that second-rate Parisian bourgeoisie which occupies a place above the well-to-do artisan and below the upper middle classes,--a tribe whose virtues are well-nigh vices, whose defects are never kindly, but whose habits and manners, dull and insipid though they be, are not without a certain originality.
Suppose A and B are reading the same second-rate circulating-library novel.
The tavern was dirty and wretched, not even second-rate.
While reviewing the dancehall musician's latest song 'Oko Niko' featuring Natty Lee, the presenter said the song is a second-rate, adding that it sounds like gari (a cassava dough food).
Senator Joel Villanueva underscored on Saturday the need to uplift the dignity of blue-collar workers, lamenting current perception that technical-vocational (tech-voc) remains a 'second-rate' profession.
A negative I for one think that it is time for Brucey to step down and take most of the second-rate cast-offs with him.
India should shun its myopic majoritarian policy and be proud of being a plural society where minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, have no fear of being treated as second-rate citizens.