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Another gripe from the anti- import league is that the Premiership is getting second-raters while the cream rises to the Italian and Spanish scenes.
The political second-raters Labour have in the Scottish Parliament are just not up to the task.
Alaskan Bullet Michael Bell Gunned down some second-raters when scoring on his debut at Yarmouth ten days ago but looked up to mixing it at a higher level when working nicely under Jamie Spencer on the Peat Moss gallop.
They obviously don't know some of these players and simply see them as second-raters.
By that I don't mean second-raters and no-hopers like Michael Meacher and John McDonnell.
We want recruits chosen on merit instead of second-raters accepted merely to meet racial quotas.
What we don't want is to be flooded out by second-raters.
Welshpool, second-raters most of the way, had their only clear-cut opening just after the resumption, when ex-Shrewsbury Town trainee Christian Courtenay hoisted a 15-yarder over the bar.
He stands head and shoulders above his colleagues who sound like second-raters by comparison at the despatch box.
Jack Charlton had a bunch of second-raters at the Republic of Ireland but moulded them into an effective unit.
This will cramp potential European entrepreneurs and ensure them a permanent role as second-raters to the Americans.