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Perhaps some of the second-raters will be able to score back in the First Division next season.
For so long we've considered ourselves to be losers and second-raters," says novelist Shobe De.
Whereas ideas should be the measure of leadership, now polls have taught second-raters how to master the art of "followship" aimed at the lowest common denominator.
Blind was masterful as Ajax made Borussia Dortmund look like second-raters with a 2-0 cruise in the Westfalen Stadion.
There he not only points to the failure of primaries to foster deliberation (as distinct from decision), but he indicts them for failing to allow excellent people to enter the race in order to deflect the candidacies of second-raters.
The political second-raters Labour have in the Scottish Parliament are just not up to the task.
Alaskan Bullet Michael Bell Gunned down some second-raters when scoring on his debut at Yarmouth ten days ago but looked up to mixing it at a higher level when working nicely under Jamie Spencer on the Peat Moss gallop.
They obviously don't know some of these players and simply see them as second-raters.
By that I don't mean second-raters and no-hopers like Michael Meacher and John McDonnell.
What we don't want is to be flooded out by second-raters.
Chairman Gerald Kaufman is a savvy cinephile with enough smarts to have once, in the dim and distant past, served in government, but the other members are a ragbag of parliamentary second-raters.