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Early latent syphilis may relapse to secondary disease and is therefore considered infectious, as are primary and secondary.
On the other hand, CPT codes aren't designed to cover any additional management or services warranted due to the presence of a secondary disease or injury, and usually this additional payment is worth going after.
Women with primary vestibulitis had an average age of 23 years, which was about 5 years younger than those with secondary disease.
The autoimmune attack affects several different organ systems and many patients suffer from serious secondary disease symptoms such as renal disorders as the disease progresses.
By notifying physicians of clinical events quickly and reliably, patient therapy can be adapted at the earliest stage possible, preventing the worsening of a patient's condition and the occurrence of secondary diseases, the company noted.
The numerous secondary diseases related to excess weight and obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, are among the most common diseases in Germany.
While the establishment brags that more cancer patients survive than ever before, the horrific side effects inflicted by conventional therapy often leave patients partially or severely debilitated, and set the stage for deadly secondary diseases.
As a result of the alarming figures derived from national statistics, the forum highlights the risks for secondary diseases caused by childhood obesity, such as raised blood pressure and diabetes.
Studies have proven however that good control of blood glucose can reduce the risk of diabetes-induced secondary diseases, such as blindness, lower limb amputations, renal failure, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.

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