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Early latent syphilis may relapse to secondary disease and is therefore considered infectious, as are primary and secondary.
Editorial Note: Increases in the number of persons surviving for longer periods after a diagnosis of cancer have resulted from 1) earlier diagnoses through increased screening, 2) more effective treatment, 3) prevention of secondary disease and cancer recurrence, and 4) decreases in mortality from other causes.
On the other hand, CPT codes aren't designed to cover any additional management or services warranted due to the presence of a secondary disease or injury, and usually this additional payment is worth going after.
Close contacts at high risk for secondary disease include household members, day care center contacts, and anyone directly exposed to a patient's oral secretions (e.
Women with primary vestibulitis had an average age of 23 years, which was about 5 years younger than those with secondary disease.
The autoimmune attack affects several different organ systems and many patients suffer from serious secondary disease symptoms such as renal disorders as the disease progresses.
Secondary diseases in the form of kidney failure, retinopathy (eye damage), amputations and cardiovascular diseases result in huge costs to society and major individual suffering.
Her condition has also meant three more surgeries, a heart valve replacement, complicated secondary diseases and a lifetime in and out of doctors' offices.
An MI may cause severe secondary diseases such as heart failure or irregular heartbeat.
This will be spread across to families in 23 districts of Pakistan living below the poverty line both for seven priority and secondary diseases.
Untreated, it can lead to immunosuppression, and secondary diseases such as mastitis, metritis and ketosis, which are among the top dairy herd health challenges faced by veterinarians and farmers around the world.

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