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Early latent syphilis may relapse to secondary disease and is therefore considered infectious, as are primary and secondary.
Medication, acute and subacute illness, secondary disease, and altered metabolic states such as weight loss affect cholesterol levels.
All responders were above the age of 75, at least one had secondary disease, and two had unfavourable cytogenetic profiles.
Amyloidosis comprises a variety of protein-folding disorders that result in an extracellular deposition of protein aggregates, or amyloid, in tissues and organs, and may be systemic or localized, with the systemic form being classified as primary or secondary disease. (1) Primary amyloidosis is associated with immune dyscrasias, such as multiple myeloma and Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, (2,3) while secondary amyloidosis is associated with chronic inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease and tuberculosis.
Infection of the musculoskeletal system is a secondary disease caused by hematogenous spread from a primary lesion; it may occur shortly after the primary infection or years later as a disease reactivation.
While a caring and efficient ser vice wheels into action for patients when cancer is first diagnosed , campaigners believe the same excellent support does not extend to women suffering secondary disease.
Editorial Note: Increases in the number of persons surviving for longer periods after a diagnosis of cancer have resulted from 1) earlier diagnoses through increased screening, 2) more effective treatment, 3) prevention of secondary disease and cancer recurrence, and 4) decreases in mortality from other causes.
On the other hand, CPT codes aren't designed to cover any additional management or services warranted due to the presence of a secondary disease or injury, and usually this additional payment is worth going after.
Close contacts at high risk for secondary disease include household members, day care center contacts, and anyone directly exposed to a patient's oral secretions (e.g., through kissing and endotracheal tube management) [7].
Objective: The objective of the FACTs project is to sign a term sheet with investors for ViroVet, an emerging Belgian biotech company, aimed at developing and introducing a disruptive treatment for bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) in beef cattle.BVD is a globally endemic disease of cattle costing the industry billions of Euros every year in the form of increased mortality, decreased feed efficiency and increased susceptibility to secondary disease. Conventional BVD vaccines are unable to fully control the disease due to antigenic variability of the virus and inadequate host immune response to vaccination.
Women with primary vestibulitis had an average age of 23 years, which was about 5 years younger than those with secondary disease. This explains why those with primary vestibulitis were likely to be unmarried, be nulliparous, and have disease limited to the posterior vestibule, said Dr.
INRA recommends that producers apply fungicides two to three times per year to protect the resistance genes and to control secondary diseases such as black rot.

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