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The aim of this study was to quantify, by means of kinematic analysis, the midfoot longitudinal arch height and hip external rotation in dynamic ballet-specific tasks, specifically first position, demi-plie, battement fondu a la seconde, pas jete a la seconde, and grand jete a la seconde.
Des resultats de cette etude decoulent des incidences tant pour l'enseignement que l'evaluation des competences pragmatiques dans les cours de langue seconde.
The traditional rubber and metal strap of the Grande Seconde SW has also been replaced by the fine luster of an alligator leather strap in a color to match the dial.
In this book, Seconde details her life story, from walking hundreds of miles to attend school across mountains, being struck by lightning, and having to hide in the bushes when her nation erupts into ethnical hatred and her family's lives are threatened.
COUNT 8: Open a la seconde en face with arms matching leg, palms facing ceiling, eyes and heart lifted, letting sun shine down on chest.
Les lecteurs trouveront dans ce livre toutes les formes de violence commises par l'armee japonaise dans la region Asie-Pacifique pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.
At the origin of this writing adventure was the historical background of La Seconde Visite or, more precisely, the historical fact that in January 1963, the official Reconciliation of France and Germany was signed by both President Charles de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer after centuries of military enmity and tragic wars.
De nombreux vetements usages passent chaque annee en contrebande des Etats-Unis vers le Mexique et connaissent alors une seconde vie.
The French rhetoriquers, those late medieval exponents of the highly patterned style in the "arts de seconde rhetorique" are discussed by Francois Rigolot, Kees Meerhoff, and Marc-Rene Jung.
La Cote d'Ivoire, qui vient de realiser sa seconde victoire et un nul blanc contre le Maroc, reprend ainsi la tete du classement du groupe C avec 7 points et un total de six buts contre un encaisse en trois matches.
La seconde salle consacree a l'art paleochretien renferme un sarcophage dit [beaucoup moins que] Les miracle du Christ [beaucoup plus grand que] decouvert a Dellys, des mosaiques et des fragments d'architectures telles que des arcs et des chapiteaux.
COP oscillation areas, anterior-posterior COP oscillations, and medio-lateral COP velocities indicated that attitude a la seconde is the least challenging and attitude derriere the most challenging pose.