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SECOND. A measure equal to one sixtieth part of a minute. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Law firms need to demonstrate where they can add real value to a client's in house team -- 87% of clients now say that value-added services such as secondees or free access to knowledge management resources are a crucial factor in their decision to instruct external law firms.
While many law firm partners are adapting to change, particularly in the area of alternative billing structures and added-value offerings (63 per cent of clients reported seeing better value for money since the recession started through add-ons such as free-of-charge secondees) many are still not delivering what their clients want.
Commission and the Council, as well as secondees from national
(118) Having been socialized within national judicial systems, secondees are more likely to have diverse ideologies befitting their roles, instead of categorically leaning toward conviction.
Chief Inspector Paul Levick, Head of Citysafe Secondees Unit, said: "Both Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police recognise the importance of assisting local businesses which are at the heart of our neighbourhoods.
It will initially employ approximately 90 people, including secondees from BVT.
Geraldine Mossiere et Marie-Jeanne Blain ont ete les principales assistantes de recherche, secondees par Shirin Shahrokni, Eric Meulan, Shamelkan Ghamraoui, Diahara Traore, Loubna Belaid, Yasmine Ouanouche et Vincent Duclos.
The organisation's paymaster, regional development agency Advantage West Midlands, was forced to parachute in secondees at management level to try and make it work.
ITER Project Office will continue in operation and we will maintain support for our secondees working at the ITER Organization (IO).