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Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and PPP Sindh President Nisar Ahmed Khuhro accompanied the candidates, along with their proposers and seconders, to the ECP.
Strangely enough, former BCCI chief Pawar has found the going really tough and didn't have anyone to back his case as either proposer or seconder.
The Supreme Court came into the case after the proposer and seconder of the Sharif brothers in the elections appealed the lower court decisions to the Supreme Court.
In a background information note, the mover and seconder said "the issue is power (of the bishops), not the will of God.
If you put forward that motion at a Celtic board meeting, I doubt you'd get a seconder.
Nomination will be by a proposer and a seconder, who MUST be members of the ASSA.
It is probably best for both groups to select a proposer and a seconder, but all to help them prepare their case.
The text of a new business item adopted by a Representative Assembly may be edited with the approval of the President provided no substantive changes are made and the final text is approved in writing by the mover and the seconder.
Review the sections regarding quorum, maintaining order and meeting procedures that tend to follow a type of "Roberts Rules of Order" procedure (a mover, seconder, discussion and calling for the question).
The SPL's legal adviser, Rod McKenzie from Harper McLeod, said: "If Partick Thistle were tolose this vote, they could try to force another meeting as long as they found a seconder.
To second another's motion: By proposing a second, you as the seconder merely indicate that you agree that the motion has merit and should be discussed.
Anyone aged 55 and over who would like to stand for election is invited to submit their name, address and seconder.