secret association

See: collusion
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When he is approached by the Albatross Society, a secret association designed to protect albas from the twin threats of superstition and science, he hopes its mastermind, the hedonistic Hendrich Pietersen, will be able to help him track her down.
Roberts was suspended as soon as an investigation disclosed the secret association of the news anchor with the PR firm.
Sometimes few journals make a secret association where they cite articles published in each other's journal to prevent detection of self-citation and to artificially inflate impact factor.
Based in Poole, Dorset, it has its own secret association for retired members.
The full might of the battalion shall be employed against armed terrorist, while the battalion will also initiate community-based dialogues to enlighten the members of illegal secret associations organized by terrorist NPAs in the villages,' the 4th Division said in a statement.
In the Chinese secret associations, wine made of rice mixed with blood was served as a ceremonial drink when taking an oath, which helped those who drank it to reach a very old age of as many as 199 years.