secret communication

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References in classic literature ?
There was a secret communication between the cardinal's apartments and those of the queen; and through this corridor* Mazarin passed whenever he wished to visit Anne of Austria.
Sam had scarcely recovered his usual composure of countenance, which had been greatly disturbed by the secret communication of his respected relative, when Mr.
That I shall not discuss, and perhaps cannot account for; but certainly they are a proof of the converse of spirits, and a secret communication between those embodied and those unembodied, and such a proof as can never be withstood; of which I shall have occasion to give some remarkable instances in the remainder of my solitary residence in this dismal place.
But then it was covered by the occult influence of her who was referred to in confidential talks, secret communications, and discreet whispers of Royalist salons as: "Madame de Lastaola.
Yes, I know what you are going to tell me, monsieur; I know that there is an order of the king's to prevent all secret communications with the defenders of Belle-Isle, and that is exactly why I do not offer to communicate except in presence of my staff.
It is also alleged the men discussed sourcing and stashing a moped as part of the terror plot and are said to have used code-words over secret communication channels.
The official, who preferred anonymity, wondered why Kon was equally not arrested as part of what he claimed was secret communication between defected army general and the youth.
The secret communication revealed that, apart from other potential targets, the militants want to storm some airport, occupy passenger lounges and even destroy aircraft," the official said.
But the torpedo and the larger notion of a secret communication system, based on stepped radio signals, were the most influential of their patents.
I found the texting, a secret communication with people I couldn't see, quite terrifying.
One day, after tarrying 21 years in Haran, Jacob summons his wives Leah and Rachel to his field for a secret communication.
On a day when the country ought to have put its best foot forward as the host of the BRICS summit in New Delhi, we have had, instead, a comedic show where the Army chief tells the world how ill- prepared for war his army is, and the defence minister bemoans the leakage of a top secret communication.