secret group

See: cabal
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Lynas wrote: "As part of a small and secret group, we planned what would have been out most daring action of all.
Instead, it would live stream to a closed secret group containing only hunters and decoys "for the sole purpose of identifying if any other teams have evidence on the predator being stung.
com/black-lightning-spoilers-singer-jill-scott-cast-dc-villain-lady-eve-2598010) previously reported , Lady Eve is a consummate professional who serves as a bridge between Tobias and a secret group of corrupt leaders in Freeland.
There is an added layer of suspicion and conspiracy as Naji moves on to the Society of Urbanists, a secret group that Baghat begins to work for.
Is there a secret group of conservatives in Hollywood?
And some will see echoes of Batman Begins as Strange travels abroad and studies with a secret group.
She has created a secret identity as a reporter, but it's nothing like Clark Kent, and she has to deal with her ex-boyfriend (another psiot, starring in a reality show with his new girlfriend), a secret group who is kidnapping potential psiots, and maintaining her secret identity.
The astonishing mass walkout, just the latest rumble of Britain's post-Brexit earthquake, was organised via a secret group on the What'sApp messaging service and played out at staged intervals throughout the day.
His unfeeling approach to missions catches the eye of a secret group committed to getting justice when traditional judicial and legal systems fail.
When suspicious disasters suddenly start happening all over the globe, Conrad and Piper McCloud join with their former classmates and create a secret group that use their gifts to save people in trouble.
As we reported in The New American back in 2009 (and several times since), Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, are members of the secret group known as "The Good Club," a cabal of top billionaires obsessed with population control.
Remarkably, though, US airstrikes seem to be incredibly effective on this elite, secret group.