secret understanding

See: collusion
References in classic literature ?
He often surprised those he met by his significantly happy looks and smiles which seemed to express a secret understanding between him and them.
I am sorry to see a secret understanding established already between you and Mr.
The question is whether we have or have not a secret understanding with France, and if so, how far she will be bound by it.
There is some secret understanding between them," thought the old lady, "and she's to blame; the women always are
Possibly he counted on Gania's complaisance; for Totski had long suspected that there existed some secret understanding between the general and his secretary.
Ah, I always thought there was some secret understanding in that quarter
It seemed wrong that there should exist a secret understanding between my husband's friend and me, unknown to him, of which he was the object.
As if there were a secret understanding between herself and Clennam of the most thrilling nature; as if the first of a train of post-chaises and four, extending all the way to Scotland, were at that moment round the corner; and as if she couldn't (and wouldn't) have walked into the Parish Church with him, under the shade of the family umbrella, with the Patriarchal blessing on her head, and the perfect concurrence of all mankind; Flora comforted her soul with agonies of mysterious signalling, expressing dread of discovery.
Asif Ali Zardari has also been dropping hints that he may have a secret understanding with the army.
But more Afghan opium is growing than ever before - thanks in large part to a secret understanding between the CIA and the Taliban
According to Hotovely, this marked a violation of a secret understanding previously agreed between Israel and Indonesia.
Jawed Kohistani, a political analyst, believes a small group of Taleban could not have entered the area without a secret understanding with government authorities.