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SECRETARY. An officer who, by order of his superior, writes letters and other instruments. He is so called because he is possessed of the secrets of his employer. This term wag used in France in 1343, and in England the term secretary was first applied to the clerks of the king, who being always near his person were called clerks of the secret, and in the reign of Henry VIII. the term secretary of state came into it.

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Bruce's extended overseas service was broken only by a successful assistant secretaryship in Wellington from 1978 to 1981.
He added: "The secretaryship of Cardiff Business Club was certainly something different - certainly not a passive, non-executive, trustee, council member type role where the work is done by staff for a part time executive.
37) Losing one's obkom first secretaryship at the reunification of the obkom structures in the winter of 1964-65 virtually guaranteed that one's subsequent career would not match the average of those who were to come later in unified obkoms.
Instead, back in the USA there came the call to the general secretaryship of the RCA to which after much heart-searching Granberg-Michaelson offered himself in 1994, and in which he served for 17 years.
The foreign affairs secretaryship has historically been the premier position in the Cabinet, so much so that it is considered the preferred post of a winning president's running mate.
I do not see how the Foreign Mission Board could have made a finer selection than you for the secretaryship of Europe, Africa, and the Near East.
Her honorary secretaryship of the club over the past two decades was but a minor fraction of a much greater and wider commitment/service to our grand sport of athletics stretching back easily twice as long.
In 1824, the year he resigned his secretaryship, the CMS had nine different missions, thirty-five missionaries, and an annual income of 37,000 [pounds sterling].
But, at least for Nkrumah, such questions had to be postponed as he accepted the offer of the secretaryship of the United Gold Coast Convention, a new political party in the Gold Coast.
The sixth chapter, Julie Crawford's "Women Secretaries," works to fill a critical void: as Crawford herself observes, while criticism of male secretaryship homoeroticism has become almost commonplace, "there has been almost no analysis or even recognition of women secretaries, particularly of women secretaries who served other women" (111).
A commerce and law graduate, Vivek completed his chartered secretaryship exam in the UK and is a qualified company secretary and management accountant in India.
Already envisaged at Madras, in 1938, but not realized, on account of the war years, an East Asia secretaryship, jointly sponsored with the World Council of Churches, came into being in 1950, with the appointment of Dr, now Bishop, Rajah B.