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Plants secrete various signals called flavonoids that advertise their energy-supplying services, and in turn, rhizobia put out a chemical called NOD factor that identifies them as friends.
Though carnivorous plants aren't equipped with teeth that mash insects to bits, their cells secrete digestive fluids.
However, many of the microbes both inside and outside could secrete acid.
Though the plants don't have teeth that mash insects to bits, their cells do secrete digestive fluids.
Seeking a better way to strengthen soil, Laurie Caslake and Mary Roth of Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., looked to Flavobacterium johnsoniae, a bacterial species that secretes a viscous, sticky polymer that forms what's called a biofilm.
In 2002, Eric Rulifson, then a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University, and his colleagues found cells in the fruit fly brain that sense blood sugar and secrete insulin as pancreatic beta cells do.
Which cells within adipose tissue secrete such chemicals had been ill-defined, Hotamisligil says, but "we were always a little biased that adipocytes were the source."
But the cells also secrete bursts of mucus in response to irritants.
In the small intestine, so-called Paneth cells normally secrete antimicrobial compounds (SN: 8/26/00, p.
Several secrete poisons that cause acute, gut-wrenching disease in people, while toxins of others paralyze, induce permanent amnesia, or trigger respiratory problems that are sometimes severe.
Bloom and other investigators subsequently discovered that the small and large intestines of people secrete PY[Y.sub.3-36] into the blood after every meal in amounts proportional to the caloric content of a meal.
Researchers have also developed mice that secrete useful proteins in urine (SN: 1/10/98, p.