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Our findings suggest that the bank's instincts remain secretive and that it is still failing to reveal important information, which gives vital clues about whether it is paying the right amount of tax in the places where it operates.
Snyder's decision to privatize prison food service was influenced by any contribution to his secretive fund.
The CEO and senior council officers who designed and benefited from this secretive procedure should all be suspended on full pay pending the outcome of the public inquiry.
A Vatican court heard police found a sealed envelope marked 'personal' for Gabriele, inside Sciarpelleti's desk at the secretive Secretariat of State where he worked.
We do not believe in secretive politics nor do we tolerate it.
And there aren't many countries that are more secretive than China.
While no one thinks the Burmese junta wants a nuclear weapon, its secretive search for a research or medical reactor is highly troubling.
Simon Goldberg, for Mrs Thomson, said: "I said in my skeleton argument that this investigation was secretive.
Much of the vandalism has been carried out by a secretive group called Motorists Against Detection.
This proposition and the secretive process that brought it about are the best examples of the lack of transparency in city government,'' EAA Executive Director Robert G.
Travel the hallways of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the secretive global central banker information exchange of sorts in Basel, Switzerland, and four names rise quickly to the surface: Christian Noyer, Mario Draghi, Mervyn King, and Jurgen Stark.
Not surprisingly, the portrait offered in the USJFCOM study is of a hideous, secretive regime ruled by a dictator capable of murder on a whim.