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A business giving social support to a project has to do this surreptitiously, altering its accounts secretively in order to avoid incurring additional taxes.
Rashwan said, "Despite the security crackdowns and that 50 percent of the Shura Council members are in jail, the next guide is likely to be elected through the council's votes, whether by electing secretively in jail or when some of them are released.
Other groups interested in possibly buying KFUO and retaining the classical music format complained that the negotiations with Gateway were done secretively.
But when his wife continues to act secretively, Masood wonders if she's the one thinking of straying.
However, when his wife continues to act secretively, Masood begins to wonder if she's the one who's thinking of straying.
The pair spend more time attempting to secretively prepare for their lawbreaking--something they do in a mostly cowardly manner anyway--than actually breaking the laws themselves.
On the handful of quieter cuts, O'Connor sounds like she is sitting beside the listener, yet not whispering secretively in his or her ear.
Permitted only one visit per year by his mother, his drawings were tightly rolled into thin tubes and secretively transported to Moscow.
The Ontario government under Mike Harris and Attorney-General Jim Flaherty secretively pass Bill 5, first, second and third reading in under three hours, without any debate.
What we see today is that a group of people try to wangle the banking sector by obtaining a license secretively," the local press quoted Kabariti, who is the CEO of the Jordanian Kuwaiti Bank, one of the most successful banks in the kingdom in the past few years.
Most often females will travel quietly and secretively so as not to draw attention.
One should be wary of the postwar alibi that the SS did all of this behind everyone's back and did all of it quite secretively," Browning maintains.