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SECRET. That which is not to be revealed.
     2. Attorneys and counsellors, who have been trusted professionally with the secrets of their clients, are not allowed to reveal them in a court of justice. The right of secrecy belongs to the client, and not to the attorney and counsellor.
     3. As to the matter communicated, it extends to all cases where the client applies for professional advice or assistance; and it does not appear that the protection is qualified by any reference to proceedings pending or in contemplation. Story, Eq. Pl. Sec. 600; 1 Milne & K. 104; 3 Sim. R. 467.
     3. Documents confided professionally to the counsel cannot be demanded, unless indeed the party would himself be bound to produce them. Hare on Discov. 171. Grand jurors are sworn the commonwealth's secrets, their fellows and their own to keep. Vide Confidential communications; Witness.

SECRET, rights. A knowledge of something which is unknown to others, out of which a profit may be made; for example, an invention of a machine, or the discovery of the effect of the combination of certain matters.
     2. Instances have occurred of secrets of that kind being kept for many years, but they are liable to constant detection. As such secrets are not property, the possessors of them in general prefer making them public, and securing the exclusive right for years, under the patent laws, to keeping them in an insecure manner, without them. See Phil. on Pat. ch. 15; Gods. on Pat. 171; Dav. Pat. Cas. 429; 8 Ves. 215; 2 Ves. & B. 218; 2 Mer. 446; 3 Mer. 157; 1 Jac. & W. 394; 1 Pick. 443; 4 Mason, 15; 3 B. & P. 630.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Deer were taking on a post-rut attitude of secretiveness; despite the cold and dwindling food supply, they were still playing charades on the farm's fields.
Not, mind you, that they aren't ideally cast for the role, from their ruthlessness to their legendary secretiveness. Most likely, not 1 in 10,000 Americans had heard of them until the Tea Party's rise outed Americans for Prosperity--the 501(c) (4) hydra Charles and David founded in 2004--as the movement's ATM.
Others have described it as being "extremist" and "having the characteristics of a cult" and likened its secretiveness and influence in Turkish politics to an "Islamic Opus Dei".
Kennan identified them as neurotic insecurity and Oriental secretiveness on the Russian side and legalism and moralism on the Western side.
Thus, in the last three years, the general public has been intrigued, baffled, and mystified, in view of the secretiveness and lack of transparency, as to how President Benigno Noynoy Simeon Aquino III arrives at decisions, and from what sources and from whose inputs, since there are no well-known intellectuals and high-profile advisers visible in his coterie of supporters other than his submissive and intimidated Cabinet.
And it has recently emerged from stealth mode (a temporary state of secretiveness) to become generally available for the first time.
Given the dominant prevalent public mood, the kind of secretiveness being maintained by the government regarding the dialogue with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is implausible.
This secretiveness has stirred concern and mistrust in Jerusalem on two grounds: 1.It denotes a sharp decline in the strategic relations between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government and leaves Israel in the dark on an issue of vital concern to its security.
Given the NSXs secretiveness, reporting on the agency often becomes an exercise in careful conjecture.
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