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Given the NSXs secretiveness, reporting on the agency often becomes an exercise in careful conjecture.
There was a strong element of secretiveness and selfishness among the competitors themselves and, being a dominant working class activity, it became a popular gambling sport.
The signs that parents and teachers should look out for in children include hostility, mood swings, excessive laughter, depression, withdrawn behaviour, secretiveness, making excuses, lethargy, poor concentration, sleep problems, change in friends, runny eye and nose and poor appetite.
Even worse, Romney's campaign has been hampered by his secretiveness regarding his income taxes -- he won't release his last 10 years of IRS returns -- his work at Bain Capital, and by the proposed federal budget of his vice presidential running mate, U.
to confront problems rigorously and transparently, without shortcuts or secretiveness," he added.
Tanner's subtle use of colour and perspective support the gentleness of the narrative, while also capturing the secretiveness of the garden and the personality of the fairy wrens in great detail.
Although her backstory has been hinted at on various occasions, like the way she shied away from lottery win publicity, the truth about her secretiveness has yet to be revealed.
Despite the claim by Thein Sein regime that they are in the process of implementation for democracy in Burma, deformed army officials in current regime exercise secretiveness.
As it can be seen, content themes were divided into ten categories, namely: appropriate care with high quality, the right to have information, the right to confidentiality of information and secretiveness, the right to sign an informed consent, and observe patient's privacy, the right to rote independence, the right to be at peace, the right to express objections and complaints, the right to get compensation, as well as the right to enjoy the adequate resources and individual behavior.
Two essays pick up the folkloric theme, reading Whitman within the context of the tale of the "King with Donkey Ears," as a means to explore the tension between Whitman's openness and secretiveness.