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In the modern-state system, this sectarian outlook has become entrenched in the foreign policies of post-revolutionary Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The day-long seminar, titled 'Understand the Sectarian Dynamics in Pakistan', was organised by the Pak Institute of Peace Studies (Pips) and attended by around 30 experts.
It also directed that any serious sectarian incident in DI Khan be brought to the court's attention.
He hoped in an issued statement that "sectarian quotas would have a certain limit, so they do not affect our natural right that guarantees our representation in the government." "We are a cross-sectarian party and we have a parliamentary bloc and represent a large segment of non-sectarian Lebanese who demand the abolition of sectarianism and the adoption of civil laws in the legislation...and we have maintained the unity of Lebanon, for which we offered hundreds of martyrs and a lot of sacrifices," Nashef went on.
He further revealed that the specific number of police officials with sectarian mindset was around 60 percent within the police department.
BAGHDAD, May 6 (KUNA) -- Sectarian rhetoric seems to simmer down in Iraqi parliamentary campaigns as the date for the election, scheduled on May 12, approaches.
Summary: Most of Lebanon's first-time voters in upcoming elections believe their compatriots will vote on May 6 along sectarian lines, according to the results of a study released Wednesday by the Adyan Foundation, a Lebanese NGO.
FOOTBALL is seen as the main contributor to sectarian abuse in Scotland - fuelled by the internet - according to young people.
In recentmonths, there have beena series of sectarian incidents in several governorates, particularly Minya, promptingpublic demand for a new law on the construction of churches to be issued by the parliament..
A dangerous and most vexing consequence of the raging cold war prevailing in our region is the fomenting of sectarian tensions that has driven the Middle East over the edge.
Police had called it first significant sectarian killing of year 2016.
"Because the parent receives and directs the funds to the private school, sectarian or non-sectarian, we are satisfied that the State is not actively involved in the adoption of sectarian principles or directing monetary support to a sectarian institution through this scholarship," the court found.