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Speaking to Holyrood's equal opportunities committtee, she said of those who make money out of the game: "It may well be that they harbour a concern that if they were to tackle sectarianism in a very overt, energetic and upfront way that it might damage business interests.
The threat of sectarianism transcends the borders within the Middle East and those between the region and others, he added.
The Cabinet emphasised the importance of national unity and rejecting all forms of sectarianism, stressing the importance of adhering to the values and traditions of co-existence and tolerance.
An independent advisory group on tackling sectarianism were set up by the SNP who have committed PS5.
A solid minority of Iraqis polled said sectarianism was too deeply rooted, with one in three saying sectarianism was there to stay.
It was decided that strict action would be taken against those who found involved in distributing hated literature as well as promoting sectarianism.
I deplore racism and sectarianism and this football club does a huge amount of work in this area to help eradicate these problems.
Meeting had consensus that there is no sectarianism in Quetta and some terrorist and anti peace elements were committing bloodshed in the name of sectarianism.
Unfortunately, we know that most of the time, sectarianism will not disappear.
However, the still modest but ongoing movement protesting against political sectarianism faces many obstacles, beginning with an agreement over an alternative political system.
Thousands of Lebanese protestors marched on Sunday in the third demonstration this month calling for abolishing sectarianism in Lebanon.
With two rival political camps bitterly opposed to each other and no end in sight to its five-week old government crisis, Lebanon is now witnessing the emergence of a growing movement against sectarianism embedded in its political system.