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There is a now a great opportunity for the Scottish Government to re-think their approach and make a commitment to tackling sectarianism in our society.
The announcement came after the Public Security Department (PSD) said that anyone found to be spreading hate speech or instigating sectarianism and unrest online would be arrested and their social media accounts would be closed.
He urged the Press to shoulder the professional and ethical responsibility of reinforcing national unity, disseminating values of tolerance, moderation and fairness and rejecting sectarianism and incitement to extremism and terrorism,
The threat of sectarianism transcends the borders within the Middle East and those between the region and others, he added.
He said the ST chalked out a comprehensive plan to eliminate the menace of sectarianism.
An independent advisory group on tackling sectarianism were set up by the SNP who have committed PS5.
A solid minority of Iraqis polled said sectarianism was too deeply rooted, with one in three saying sectarianism was there to stay.
The conference reviewed the campaign launched in 2013 against sectarianism.
He said in a press conference held after his visit to Cleric , Ali al-Sistani today: "We as an international organization support the Iraqi experience and reject sectarianism, pointed out that he advises in the last days of his task in Iraq the politicians to head to dialogue and stay away from violence as well as reject any sectarian trend .
Fight Club' and Egyptian Sectarianism Like a cancer, it spreads and destroys, but has no earthly master, only pawns and victims.
Show Racism the Red Card work proactively across Scotland educating young people and society about the dangers of racism and sectarianism, empowering anyone who engages with the campaign to become active citizens safely challenge racism and sectarianism in their own communities and beyond.
He stressed that abolishing sectarianism during the forthcoming elections guarantees equity rather than the opposite.