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Religious discord and sectarianism is an international issue and unity among ulema of various counties is essential in the current times.'
Ewing said: "Sectarianism must be tackled with the same conviction as every other hate crime.
"Tackling sectarianism must start in schools and the money must be there for projects to do this effectively.
The threat of sectarianism transcends the borders within the Middle East and those between the region and others, he added.
The Cabinet emphasised the importance of national unity and rejecting all forms of sectarianism, stressing the importance of adhering to the values and traditions of co-existence and tolerance.
He highlighted preponderant majority opposition to Lebanese sectarianism and professed support for a secular state capable of delivering to social demands.
The protestors in the south chanted different slogans calling for toppling sectarianism and condemned "governments that have allowed its people to go hungry" as well as criticizing the rival political camps in Lebanon, the proWestern March 14 alliance and the Syrian backed March 8 coalition, saying "No March 8 or March 14".
Mr Adams added: "Sinn Fein's perception of all of this is that sectarianism was a means of control - of keeping Catholics in their place and keeping Protestants in their place also."
So, let us form a national committee as the Constitution states in Article 95 in order to take the necessary steps to abolish political sectarianism and [non-political] sectarianism," Berri said.
He hit out at fans who sing songs "attacking the Queen or the Pope", saying they used Christianity as an excuse for sectarianism.
"In Scotland the Government are now actively supporting Rangers and Celtic in their initiatives to tackle sectarianism," he said.
The statement affirmed in rallies staged in Belfast, Londonderry, Omagh, Enniskillen, Newry, Cookstown and Strabane expressed revulsion 'at any form of bigotry or sectarianism which has led to murder, violence or acts of intimidation.