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Meanwhile, Jammat-e- Ulamma Islam (JUI) Jahangira general sectary Abdu Latif has said that they will start huge protest against the unjust load shedding.
That tells us that the employees inside the trench probably had a false sense of sectary since they could touch the top of the trench," Devora explains.
1-2:30pm Opening Ceremony/Keynote Address -- Norman Mineta, Sectary of Transportation -- invited speaker
Southall has spoken to the league's sectary John Deakin and the National Referee's Officer Roger Gifford, and after a long decision Southall is inclined to continue in his role.
For years adults have been drinking wine coolers, sweet wines, ciders, et sectary," Becker said.
The legislation also recommends the setting of additional standards regarding corporate governance for Financial Institutions, in which the Sectary makes a direct purchase from an individual Financial Institution, including shareholder voting rights for directors of such Financial institutions and limits on severance compensation.
Islamabad -- Federal Sectary Petroleum Arshad Mirza is like to be shown the doors after the string of government failures in the projects of energy and fuel sectors which was started the Nawaz Sharif government with fanfare , a well informed source told.
The meeting was also attended by the Secretary Implementation and coordination, Syed Tariq Mehmood Jaffery, Sectary General - Admin, Sajid Jamal Abro, Special Secretary L.
On this occasion Chairman educational board Bannu Professor Ahmad Ali, sectary Raj Mohammad Khan, director sports Abdul Latif, Dial Fayaz, different schools heads, ADO education Imtyaz Ulhaq and on hundreds of other participants were also present.
Senior Vice President Dafeng Li said, "We appreciate the Sectary General s acknowledgement of Huawei s past contributions to South Africa.
TOSIA Executive Sectary James Chu pointed out that these organizations worked together on the standards in an effort to help Taiwan's LED lighting industry keep a key position in global intelligent lighting industry before the market takes shape.
Echoing similar statements, Congress General Sectary Rahul Gandhi said that the opposition parties have done nothing but have been indulging in corruption, crime and atrocities on people.