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I evaluate three competing explanations drawn from the level of international politics, with a focus on US power resources and influence, as well as liberal and constructivist styles of analysis alliance politics, sectionalism (bureaucratic politics), and the norm of antimilitarism--in order to shed light on the historical origins of Japan's relatively underdeveloped and underfunded intelligence apparatus.
Sendai's Yoshioka added that bureaucratic sectionalism posed another man-made obstacle during the cleanup: information as well as responsibility for environmental monitoring and cleanup is divided between various ministries and branches of local governments, which increases the likelihood that, in the end, none will fulfill their shared responsibility.
The seminar concluded, 'Nigeria has, and continues to suffer from religious fanaticism and sectionalism.
As the title, "Permanent Deposits of Sectionalism in American Christianity," suggested, Wentz perceived American history as a process of buildup and wash.
Emotion alone cannot explain the growth of northern sectionalism or the rise of the Republican Party, of course, but indignation was a politically vital component of northerners' response to the assault on Charles Sumner.
1880s displaced the sectionalism entrenched in earlier forms of
And he responded to the agenda of those seeking a candidate from a particular region thus: "Fellow Nigerians, as you notice an upswing in political activities I want to assure you that not only will I focus on my sworn commitment of providing leadership for all Nigerians, I will also run and encourage others to run a national campaign devoid of sectionalism, because leaders ought to unite not divide.
The clash of public and private sector professionals, seen here between the Board of Trade and employers, encouraged greater sectionalism, as employers guarded more jealously their autonomy in the workplace and their role in industrial relations.
This channel, it underlines, deliberately opted for dramatisation of events through the continuous broadcast, for several days, of images whose source is not authoritative and resorting to a directed editing of these images to place the course of events outside their context and resort to sectionalism.
Perhaps the internecine arguing and sectionalism that has always existed in racing, and probably always will, despite the best intentions, wore him down.
Despite the fanfare and controversy surrounding his famous Frontier Thesis, presented in 1893, Turner spent most of his career working toward what he considered a more significant outlook on American history: his Sectional Thesis, published as an article in 1925 and later included in his largely forgotten posthumous book of essays on sectionalism.
The country, after all, produced a sectionalism born out of the widely diverse cultures of the commercial North, the agrarian and slave-holding South, and the adventurous exuberance of the frontier West.