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This sectionalization is tied in with two concurrent policies of the bank which are a central part of its QM programme: first, the segmentation of the customer base; and second, the standardization of procedures.
This is a question not of tempo (which they negotiate perfectly) nor of poise and balance (which they have abundantly) but of melodic articulation and phrasing, in a perhaps old-fashioned sense: a way of providing nuances of shading or inflection at crucial junctures, so as to give the listener a sense of something that unfolds and intensifies not only through the segmentations and sectionalization of the composer's design, but also throughout and within his expertly written, ebullient phrases.
rcc sectionalization stopping at p-2 panel north side in lk ii seam of bhadra 7-8 mine, bhadra sub area, jamuna kotma area
Croce includes settings of six of the Roman responsory texts (without the text of the verses) most compatible with the equivalents in St Mark's use in his collection of four-voice motets Of 1597,(53) but details of their sectionalization probably precluded their performance at the basilica in the context of the Holy Week liturgy.
Rcc Sectionalization Stopping At P-65 Level East Panel In Lk Ii Seam Of Bartarai Colliery, Amadand Ug Sub Area, Jamuna Kotma Area
Rcc Sectionalization Stoppings Rcc In Ug At 4R, 8R, 13R And 15R , 36L,36Al And 36D,20D, 12D Between 40L And 41L And 36L To 40L, Between 3D,4D And 26L, 27L, 28L Between 1D-2D And 32L, 33L/ Between R,4,1D Rajendra Ug Mine
Sectionalization Stopping In Top Seam Of Jhilimili Mine.
Rcc Isolation Stoppings For Sectionalization Of Panels Vw 03, Vw 14 And Ve 14 In V Seam At Damini Ug Mine Of Sohagpur Area.